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BH600 300Horsepower Yuchai Diesel Engine High Speed Marine Gearbox High Performance Surface Drive for Fishing Boat

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    The surface drive propulsion system (also known as semi-submerged propeller) independently developed by Tofoo Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd. for TSD type high-speed boats has been tested in Changsha, China, with a maximum measured speed of 78.9 km/h, which has been successfully used in high-speed boats. This technology has obtained a number of utility model patents and invention patents. The success of this test voyage fully demonstrated the maturity of the key technology and core technology of the high-speed surface propeller device, marking that the surface propeller device and surface propeller technology for domestic TSD high-speed boats have gradually matured, and the application direction of the product will be more mature. It is safe, efficient and cost-effective.


Design Advantage

  • A pair of TDS surface drive can lift and steer system

  • A pair of high anti-corrosion, high toughness and strength two-way special stainless steel surface perforated propellers

  • Hydraulic and steering equipment

  • The body i s made of all 316L anticorrosive stainless steel

  • Indicators and sensors

  • Double hydraulic cylinder

  • Two kinds of adjustable movable and fixed semi-submerged propeller systems

  • Universal ball cage connection design

Performance Advantages

  • The water intake of the surface piercing propeller i s half of the water intake

  • 15% to 30% faster than traditional systems

  • 15% to 30% increase in fuel efficiency

  • The propeller i s ventilated to the water surface, thereby reducing noise and destructive hull and pillar erosion.

  • The maintenance requirements are low, and the propeller immersion can be adjusted in progress.

BH600 drawing

Product Name  BH600
Adaptable Blade Diameter 600mm
Adapted Power 200-300Ps
Input Torque N.m 1600N.m
Single Machine Weight (Kg) 120Kg
Maximum Suitable Ship Weight for Single 5T
Maximum Suitable Ship Weight for Dual  10T
Standard Accessories Cardan Shaft, Hydraulic Lifting Station, Oil Pot(alarm)
Number of Blade 4//5/6
Minimum Intput Speed of Main Engine R/Min 1000
Maximum Intput Speed of Host R/Min 2500

BH a set of equipment

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