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TSD History

     The surface drive propulsion system (also known as semi-submerged propeller) independently developed by Tofoo Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd. for TSD type high-speed boats has been tested in Changsha, China, with a maximum measured speed of 78.9 km/h, which has been successfully used in high-speed boats. This technology has obtained a number of utility model patents and invention patents. The success of this test voyage fully demonstrated the maturity of the key technology and core technology of the high-speed surface propeller device, marking that the surface propeller device and surface propeller technology for domestic TSD high-speed boats have gradually matured, and the application direction of the product will be more mature. It is safe, efficient and cost-effective.

      Excellent performance design, flexible and high-efficiency applications make us very popular in the market! TSD surface drive system is specially designed for fast-planing yachts, sports fishing boats, racing boats and professional applications that require acceleration, high speed and endurance provide excellent performance. High-speed customs cruiser, the law enforcement supervision rowing boat, high-speed, high-speed yacht, high-speed transport boat, military ships, cruise ships, hydrological ship, the ship, high-speed interceptor, RIB, the rescue boat, when navigating in high speed have no cavitation erosion, low resistance, shallow draft and high efficiency etc., is the world's new high-speed boat preferred way.