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  • Q Are there accessories provided?

    A All products will provide the required accessories and can be installed directly. If you have any required accessories during the warranty period, you can contact us to provide.
  • Q About the warranty period

    The engine warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, except for man-made damage, we will solve any product problems and provide technical assistance.
  • Q How to determine if the engine and gearbox can be connected?

    A Regarding the connection of the engine and the gearbox, we can provide the dimensions or drawings of the coupler, and we can confirm the drawings according to the drawings.
  • Q Engine brand offered

    The engine brands we currently provide are Yuchai and Hangrui.
    Yuchai is a brand with the largest export engine in China. It also has distribution stores in many countries around the world. There are many choices and the quality is worthy of assurance.
    The Hangrui engine is produced by a domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of aerospace UAVs. It is light in weight, high in reliability, sufficient in power, and economical and reliable.
    If the customer has an engine they want to use, just provide us with the engine information, and we will determine whether it is suitable.
  • Q What are the requirements for an engine to be used with a surface drive system?

    A Inboard diesel engines, gasoline engines, and electric motors can all be used with the surface drive system, but the surface drive system is a high-speed marine propulsion, so the engine rpm needs to be above 2000 and it needs to be an inboard engine.
  • Q After adopting the surface thruster, is it convenient to install?

    We will provide the hull perforation diagram and installation instruction manual.
    And with an installation video, our engineers provide remote technical support.
  • Q Basic requirements for using surface drive system

    The hull is a planing hull type
    The surface driver is mainly suitable for inboard diesel engines and gasoline engines, other types of engines need to be further judged
    In order to increase the speed, the engine power/weight must be greater than 40 horsepower/ton compared to conventional propellers
  • Q Is the better astern performance due to the 45° beam, or the propeller, or something else?

    A This is a specially designed and tested crosspiece that can keep the performance of the rear tail at its best.
  • Q Does it matter how far away the propeller is from the transom?

    A The propeller is made of two-way special stainless steel with high corrosion resistance, high toughness and strength, which is not easy to damage
  • Q Is surface propulsion suitable for every vessel?

    The surface propulsion device is suitable for most hulls such as most planing boats and semi-planing boats, but it still needs to be specifically decided whether it is applicable according to the hull design, weight, speed and several other factors.
  • Q What type of configuration or how many drive units can be used?

    A As long as there is room on the transom for the propellers and tip clearance, you can use as many as practical.
  • Q Advantages of propellers in the same category?

    1.There are no appendages under the hull.Having no appendages reduces the drag on a vessel,therefore making higher speeds possible with less horse power required. Less horse power equals less fuel consumed
    2.The propeller can be placed on the surface of the water to produce a shallower draft on the ship, which makes the surface drive perfect for shallow water applications
    3.For ships of the same size, the surface-driven propeller is larger than the conventional propeller.This is beneficial when undertaking close quarter handling in that the propeller at that stage is completely submerged and the operator has the advantage of greater thrust forward and aft
  • Q What is a surface drive?

    What are surface drives, and how do surface drives work?The surface drive are working near the water surface,with the blade part time in the water and the other part time spining in the air.The propulsion device located above the water surface, in addition to the drive shaft system containing the propeller, also has a mechanism for adjusting the pitch and heel angle of the shaft system.Adjust the propeller shaft to match the sailing state by adjusting the propeller shaft immersion depth.By adjusting the heel angle to achieve the effect of vector thrust, it can control the course of the boat more powerfully than the rudder propeller.Having the propeller at the surface level reduces drag and reduces the vessels draft, making the surface drive suitable for many applications where the owner is looking to reduce fuel costs, increase speed and create a more efficient vessel.
    It has the characteristics of no cavitation and denudation, low resistance, shallow draft and high efficiency when sailing at high speeds. It is the preferred propulsion method for new high-speed ships in the world today.
    The TSD series surface drive propeller is a high-tech Chinese-made propulsion device designed and launched by TF for high-performance boat propellers. The device adjusts the immersion depth of the propeller through a hydraulic cylinder to make it run near the water surface, which has lower resistance and higher efficiency than conventional propeller attachments. The professional scheme design makes the boat equipped with the device better match the propeller performance, and the efficient vector propulsion makes the boat more stable, faster and more flexible in actual control.
    TSD series surface drive propulsion device, TF company has completely independent intellectual property rights, can carry out ccs product certification according to customer requirements, and provide full-cycle technical services from boat design to use and maintenance. This series of devices is suitable for steel, aluminum, composite materials and other hulls ranging from 7 meters to 35 meters, and has been successfully applied to various military ships, official ships, tourist ships and hydrographic ships.

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