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Feature Of Surface Drive

 Performance Advantage

The water intake of the surface piercing propeller is half of the water intake
The speed is 15% to 30% higher than the traditional system.
15% to 30% increase in fuel efficiency

The propeller is ventilated to the water surface, thereby reducing noise and destructive hull and pillar erosion.
The maintenance requirements are low, and the propeller immersion can be adjusted in progress.
The body is made of all 316L anticorrosive stainless steel

 Performance Characteristics

A pair of TDS surface drive can lift and steer system
A pair of high anti-corrosion, high toughness and strength two-way special stainless steel surface perforated propellers
Hydraulic and steering equipment
The body is made of all 316L anticorrosive stainless steel
Indicators and sensors
Double hydraulic cylinder control
Two kinds of adjustable movable and fixed surface drive propeller systems
Universal ball cage connection design

 Overview of TSD Surface Drive Paste

The TSD surface drive propeller propulsion device has the characteristics of no cavitation, low appendage resistance, shallow draft, high durability, simple maintenance, and high propulsion efficiency. On all types of ships with speeds exceeding 15kn, the semi-submerged propeller system is better than the fully submerged propeller or Compared with other propulsion methods, they have obvious advantages and have become the preferred propulsion methods for new, high-performance, and high-speed boat equipment.

Recommended Surface Drive

Application Of Surface Drive

TSD surfacedrive system provides excellent performance in professional applications of acceleration, high speed and endurance,high-speed ambulances, high-speed customs anti-smuggling boats, high-speed law enforcement supervision boats, high-speed racing boats, high-speed yachts, high-speed transport boats, military ships, tourist boats, have no cavitation erosion, low resistance, shallow draft and high efficiency when sailing at high speeds Characteristic, it is the preferred propulsion method for new high-speed ships in the world today.
Patrol Speed Boat
High Speed Boat
Leisure Speedboat
High Speed Yacht
RIB Rescue Boat
RIB Rescue Boat

How Does A Surface Drive Work

The TSD-series Surface Drives are working near the water surface, with the blade part time in the water and the other part time spinning in the air . Above the surface of the propulsion system are the hafting which turns the trim angle and heeling angle . 
The TSD- series Surface Drives using adjusting the immersion of the SPP to match the sailing condition and adjusting the heeling angle to achieve the effect of thrust vector. The TSD- series Surface Drives have beter control perfomance than the common rudder propeller thruster .

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Customer Feedback


  • Q Are there accessories provided?

    A All products will provide the required accessories and can be installed directly. If you have any required accessories during the warranty period, you can contact us to provide.
  • Q About the warranty period

    The engine warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, except for man-made damage, we will solve any product problems and provide technical assistance.
  • Q How to determine if the engine and gearbox can be connected?

    A Regarding the connection of the engine and the gearbox, we can provide the dimensions or drawings of the coupler, and we can confirm the drawings according to the drawings.
  • Q Engine brand offered

    The engine brands we currently provide are Yuchai and Hangrui.
    Yuchai is a brand with the largest export engine in China. It also has distribution stores in many countries around the world. There are many choices and the quality is worthy of assurance.
    The Hangrui engine is produced by a domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of aerospace UAVs. It is light in weight, high in reliability, sufficient in power, and economical and reliable.
    If the customer has an engine they want to use, just provide us with the engine information, and we will determine whether it is suitable.
  • Q What are the requirements for an engine to be used with a surface drive system?

    A Inboard diesel engines, gasoline engines, and electric motors can all be used with the surface drive system, but the surface drive system is a high-speed marine propulsion, so the engine rpm needs to be above 2000 and it needs to be an inboard engine.
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