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What is the structure of TSD surface drive?

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TSD surface drive is safe, efficient and cost-effective. In order to ensure the safe navigation of ships, high-quality TSD surface drives should be used because they are important castings of ship power plants and important equipment to ensure the safe navigation.

l What is the structure of TSD surface drive?

l What equipment does TSD surface drive have?

l Why the speed of TSD surface drive can't be too fast?

What is the structure of TSD surface drive?

TSD surface drive is composed of blade and hub. Blade is the component of TSD surface drive to generate thrust. It usually has four blades,five blades or six blades. The hub is the connecting member between the blade and the shaft. TSD surface drive is also equipped with a fairing to smooth the linear shape of the tail and reduce the working resistance of TSD surface drive.

One side of the blade seen from the stern to the bow is called the blade surface, and the other side is called the blade back. When the TSD surface drive is rotating forward, the side of the blade that enters the water first is called the guide side, and the side that enters the water later is called the trailing side. The connection between the blade and the hub is the blade root, and the end away from the hub is called the blade tip. Usually, the leaf root is thicker and the leaf tip is thinner. The TSD surface drive whose forward rotation direction is clockwise is called right-handed propeller, and the TSD surface drive whose forward rotation direction is counterclockwise is called left-handed propeller.

What equipment does TSD surface drive have?

Our TSD surface drive system contains a pair of TDS surface drive can lift and steer system, a pair of high anti-corrosion, high toughness and strength two-way special stainless steel surface perforated propellers, hydraulic and steering equipment, indicators and sensors. The body of TDS surface drive is made of all 316L anticorrosive stainless steel, controlled by the double hydraulic cylinder. It also includes two kinds of adjustable movable and fixed surface drive propeller systems with universal ball cage connection design.

Why the speed of TSD surface drive can't be too fast?

Within a certain speed, the higher the speed of the TDS surface drive, the greater the thrust and the faster the speed. However, when the propeller exceeds the certain speed, the cavitation phenomenon will occur because the water around it has no time to flow when it rotates. Therefore, its thrust is reduced and the ship runs slower. Generally, the speed of civilian ships is less than 300 revolutions per minute, and the speed of warships is less than 600 revolutions per minute.

All kinds of pipes of TDS surface drive on ships are painted with different colors. This is to identify the nature of the gas or liquid flowing in the pipe. A certain stern inclination can reduce the waves on the front deck and improve the working efficiency of the stern TDS surface drive and rudder.

Tofoo Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd has high technologies, marking that the surface propeller device and surface propeller technology for domestic TSD high-speed boats have gradually matured. The application direction of the product will be more mature.

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