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How does TSD surface drive work?

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The various mechanisms that push the ship forward are collectively referred to as TSD surface drive system. Our each TSD surface drive is a unique creation with custom tailored for your specific project.

l What are the functions of TSD surface drive?

l How does TSD surface drive work?

l Where can TSD surface drive be used?

What are the functions of TSD surface drive?

The purpose of the TSD surface drive is to pull or push the boat forward in the water. TSD surface drive does so in much the same way that the wings of a ship generate lift, except that it does not push forward through the water, but rotates in the water.

Most modern boats have variable pitch TSD surface drive with fixed speed. The captain can adjust the pitch or bite of the TSD surface drive to maximize the performance at different altitudes.

TSD surface drive is a kind of fan that converts rotary motion into thrust by transmitting power. The shape and angle of the blades create pressure.

The function of TSD surface drive is to convert the power generated by the ship's main engine into the power of the ship forward or backward.

TSD surface drive system we manufacture is 2205 stainless steel propeller. This propeller has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, high efficiency and reliable operation, which is the most widely used in ships at present.

How does TSD surface drive work?

TSD surface drive system is a kind of reaction propulsion device. When the TSD surface drive system rotates, it pushes water backward or forward and generates forward or backward thrust by the reaction force of water.

The dynamics involved in TSD surface drive system is very similar to aerodynamics. Like the blades of an aircraft, the blades on a ship's TSD surface drive system are not flat but appear to twist from a parallel plane to a plane almost perpendicular to the propeller axis. This phenomenon is based on the research of the Wright brothers in the early 20th century. They determined that the optimal thrust angle of each part of the TSD surface drive system blade is different. In order to improve the efficiency, the blades are twisted relative to the shaft.

Where can TSD surface drive be used?

Our leading design and production process provides our design specialists with unconstrained freedom to create TSD surface drive for every superyacht project. The combination of computer-design, pattern-less mold production, 5-axis machining, and computerized dimensional checking, the old-fashioned limitations of patterns, human error or the limitations of 3-axis machines are effectively removed. TSD surface drive has the best performance levels, repeatable accuracy and reliability.

Medium to high-speed sport cruisers require custom designs specific to each vessel in order to obtain optimum speed, smoothness and fuel economy. TSD surface drive is created using the latest CFD technology and cavitation tunnel testing. The TSD surface drive has been developed as a high-performance product for use on medium speed applications. TSD surface drive results in increased efficiency and smoothness with outstanding blade cavitation control.

TSD surface drive can also deliver high-quality products and services to the military sector. The expertise in TSD surface drive design and selection has ensured that it is in service on a large number of high performance military vessels.

Tofoo Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd has obtained a number of utility model patents and invention patents. The success of this test voyage fully demonstrated the maturity of the key technology and core technology of the high-speed surface propeller device.

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